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Creative psychotherapy techniques include..

Are you feeling unhappy or stuck in your relationship with yourself, your partner or others? Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, stress, self-belief, identity? Do you feel like you can’t get out of your own way?

Do you want to connect deeply with yourself and find a path forward that is right for you?

Ways of working:

All processes that are offered are an invitation that can be accepted, refined or declined. They will be tailored to your needs and interests. We will collaborate to work at a pace and in ways that ensure you feel safe, supported and encouraged to explore and grow.

Body wisdom

Tap into your body’s wisdom. Our thoughts, feelings, sensations and physical experience are all connected. Hence, our sensations and movements can inform us about our thoughts and feelings. When we bring awareness to our bodies, we can discover the wisdom they are communicating.

· Heightening awareness of what is happening in your body whilst exploring an issue. Noticing sensation in your body and discovering what that sensation is communicating to you

· Utilising your body to express different elements of yourself to bring insight to the issue

· Bringing awareness to what is happening in your body throughout the session to better understand how your body is communicating with you all the time

· Connecting with your body and following your body’s cues, you are invited to unlock wisdom and insights beyond your cognitive mind through movement. This is a powerful way to work with issues and profound in shifting energy; the process can bring awareness to new information, a new perspective or shift how you experience the issue

· Use different breathing techniques to support your nervous system, balance your state of being and to integrate your healing and growth.


Dreaming is a creative process. All the different elements of your dream convey a deeper personal meaning which is waiting to be discovered. We can work with aspects of your dreams to understand their significance and meaning for you.

Empty chair work

Helps you to work through interpersonal or internal conflict. It helps you see the situation from a different perspective and gain insight into your feelings, beliefs and behaviours. Utilising an empty chair, you are invited to give a voice to the other person involved in the conflict or identified parts of yourself or dilemma. Sitting in one chair you express yourself to the other imagined person/part. Then you move to the other chair and respond to what has been said, creating a dialogue. The therapist will support this communication with questions and insights as it unfolds. This process facilitates awareness of the different perspectives, unconscious thoughts and feelings at play, and their integration. Brings understanding and insight, which can help resolve or shift an issue.


You do not need to be an artist. Working with art is not about being an artist or creating an art work; all of us are creative. Art therapy utilises pens, textas, coloured pencils, pastels, objects, things from nature, craft etc to freely express the subconscious and bypass cognition to allow underlying beliefs, thoughts and feelings to surface and be explored.


Dialogue is talking through issues, understanding your internal dialogue and more. Therapy is dedicated to you. You can freely express yourself and be heard and received. In addition, bringing awareness to what you say, and don’t say, and how you say it can reveal unrecognised thoughts, feelings and attitudes. This also includes non-verbal communication. Identify how your language and body language, supports or hinders you. Also working with how you interact in relationship with yourself and others as revealed within the therapeutic relationship.

Other creative practices

Include 3D mandalas, wise-self practices, lunar wisdom practices, elemental practices, meditation, mindfulness in nature and the like.

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