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What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy is counselling that works with you holistically; mind, body, heart and soul. You are at the center of the therapy, and we will explore your relationship with yourself and others.

Gestalt therapy uses creative methods such as dialogue, art, dreams, body wisdom, empty chair therapy and movement. In this way we explore your issue and access what is going on for you beneath the surface. These methods work on bringing your subconscious beliefs and patterns into your awareness, to help empower you with more choice here and now, and into the future. Focusing on the present we develop your awareness of significant thoughts, emotions and sensations within your body.

Gestalt therapy accepts and values your uniqueness and your connectedness with yourself and the world. It facilitates self-discovery and awareness of your own wisdom and knowing, giving you agency. Such personal exploration helps you to know yourself better, finding more clarity and insight. This is further supported by the therapist offering insight and skill development as appropriate.

Your therapist ensures confidentiality, safety and respect during therapy. The direction and pace of the work responds to your needs and choices, equips you with practical skills and believes in your capacity to learn, change and grow.

For further information about gestalt therapy go to:

Gestalt Australia and New Zealand: Gestalt Therapy - GANZ

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